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Front-end Development


CSS gives us the create freedom when designing our apps.

Why do we use CSS?

CSS offers some promising benefits for building applications.


Endless Options

With CSS you have more freedom in designing web pages. Allowing you to create beautifully designed pages.


SEO Optimised

Although CSS doesn’t generally increase your SEO rating it does help index your page a lot faster. Giving your website a boost.


Fast Loading Times

CSS generally has less code behind your web app pages which helps with a page’s load time. Making it load a lot quicker than most pages.


Lightweight Code

You generally don’t have to use a lot of CSS code to get what you want it to do. Making it a lightweight code allowing for better page load times.

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Layout Control

With CSS you can have a better control over your layout than just using HTML. Allowing you to create well designed layouts.


Browser Compatible

When designing with CSS you do not have to worry about making sure your code is compatible with different browsers. CSS is compatible with all browser types.

What makes CSS so

Why we use CSS in development.

Creative Control

With CSS we are able to create and design our web apps with ease. Giving each new app a unique look. We are also able to easily edit and update any design that we have with CSS. This gives us the creative freedom to design and create new layouts with ease.


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