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Front-end with HTML

Front-end Development


The backbone to all frameworks and code.

Why do we use

HTML offers some promising benefits for
building applications.


Browser Support

HTML runs on all browser’s types. Allowing you to run it from any web browser that you are on meaning you don’t have to worry if your code is optimised for a certain browser.



There is a vast amount of support for HTML. Providing tools to help develop code and increase efficiency.


Other Languages

HTML can easily integrate with any other programming language. Letting you develop your HTML code even further.


SEO Friendly

HTML is one of the friendliest search engines compared to other programming languages out there.

Website -OnePatch


HTML is a lightweight coding language meaning that it runs fast compared to other languages.

HTML Coding

Error Fixing

One of the best thing about HTML is how easily you can fix errors within the code. You can easily save and refresh to see and fix any errors.

What makes HTML so

Why we use HTML in development.

Bases of Code

Bases of Code HTML is used when developing any piece of code. It is the base that most websites and apps are made form making it the foundation when developing. It is an essential programming language because it is a web-based application and is compatible on all browsers.

HTML coding

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