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JavaScript is the most popular frontend language and is used by major companies such as PayPal, Netflix and Microsoft.

Why do we use

JavaScript has a wealth of promising benefits
as a frontend programming language.



Easily making your web app responsive on mobile. JavaScript optimizes the code for both desktop and mobile. Making the development process quicker.


Browser Compatible

JavaScript is compatible on all browsers meaning that you do not have to worry about browser compatibly because JavaScript does it all for you.


SEO Friendly

Using JavaScript reduces web page loading time through faster rendering speed. This helps with SEO drastically because you can be ranked on this.


Powerful Language

JavaScript is one of the most powerful scripting languages out there. Its an expressive language allowing people to create high class functions and code.


Quick Loading Times

JavaScript operates through your computer making it work faster because it doesn’t have to call on its server to complete tasks. Making for quick load times.


Visual Effects

JavaScript allows you to create many different visual effects on your website. Allowing you to create things like button hover effects and rollover for images.

What makes JavaScript
so good?

Why we use JavaScript in development.

Powerful Programming

We use JavaScript to help build both mobile and web apps. It allows us to make our apps dynamic and give them special effects. This powerful language allows us to create different high quality effects for any purpose.

Simplifying Complex Problems

JavaScript is the perfect tool for building frontend applications as its multiple libraries allow us to quickly and efficiently create responsive designs.


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