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Development with JQuery

Front-end Development


This lightweight framwork allows us to create dynamic apps and designs.

Why do we use

JQuery offers some promising benefits for building applications.

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JQuery allows for simple creation of code. With shorter and simpler code it allows us to create code quickly and easily.


Browser Compatibility

A great benefit of JQuery is that it is compatible with many browsers and deals with the issues you would have came across if just using JavaScript.


Open Source Library

JQuery is an open source library that is free to use which mean that you can use the language without having to worry about any compatibility issues arising.



When using JQuery it allows you to create great effects and animations by utilising CSS, AJAX, JavaScript and HTML. Letting you create good looking effects.


Load Times

By being so simple and a shorter code, it allows your web pages to load a lot faster than using another programming language.


SEO Friendly

JQuery has an effective use of its code and can be easily optimised for search engines. It also has a lot of plugins that can be used to help better SEO with JQuery.

What makes PHP so good?

Why we use php in development.

Server side code

PHP is one of the main languages we use when developing web apps. Using PHP allows us to have fast running apps that that don’t only work well, but look great. Another main reason is that PHP is able to work with many different database languages like SQL giving us the flexibility that we need.

Built for the web

Unlike Java and C#, PHP was built purely for web applications. This means all resources online are web-oriented which speeds up development time and improves efficiency.


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