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Web Development

PHP Framework

PHP powers almost 80% of websites on the internet due to its cross platform availability and excellent frameworks.

Why do we use PHP?

PHP offers some promising benefits for building applications.

Back-end development


PHP provides multiple layers of protection for your data to ensure it is secure. This helps prevent malicious attacks.


Created for the web

Unlike other development tools, PHP is made for the web. All of its resources is web orientated which gives you a higher quality outcome.


Faster Development

Using PHP requires using less code meaning that the development stage is much quicker. This allows more time for testing and quality assurance.


Fast Processing Speed

Using its own memory space allows for a faster processing speed. This allows for a faster loading time on websites and on servers.

Website -OnePatch


PHP has many frameworks that can be used to help create its code. Using frameworks like Laravel provide libraries to help create and develop the code.


Database Support

PHP fully supports many popular databases such as MySQL, MSSQL and NoSQL

What makes PHP so

Why we use PHP in development.

Server side code

PHP is one of the main languages we use when developing web apps. Using PHP allows us to have fast running apps that that don’t only work well, but look great. Another main reason is that PHP is able to work with many different database languages like SQL giving us the flexibility that we need.

Built for the web

Unlike Java and C#, PHP was built purely for web applications. This means all resources online are web-oriented which speeds up development time and improves efficiency.


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