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React Framework

React is quickly taking the frontend development world by storm due to its high speed, scalability and simplicity.

Why do we use

React offers some promising benefits as a JavaScript framework.


For web and mobile

Its development processes for both web and mobile follow the same design pattern, supports cross platform development for Android and IOS.



React have many ways to increase productivity. By having reusable parts and using simple coding languages it allows for a quicker development process.

React Components


One of the best things about using React is its components. They provide small parts of code from which you can build from. Allowing you to quickly take and reuse code.

Performance measure

High Performance

The main reason why React can create high performing web apps is because of Virtual DOM. The use of the Virtual DOM is to help speed up the process of updating the UI.



React does not show any complex internals to the person using its system. Meaning React will only show what’s important to your code.


React Native

React Native allows you to create a ‘learn once run anywhere’ library. Letting you easily reuse the same code in all of your code.

What makes React so

Why we use React in development.


The forefront reason for using React is that it is easy to implement into our web/mobile apps. React allows us to quickly build applications with its component-based approach which speeds up development and saves you money.


React’s in-built library and use of components ensure excellent scalability for projects to make updates easy and expanding projects even easier.

Development with ReactJS

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