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    Connect Your Etsy Store to OnePatch

    1. Choose Etsy from the integrations menu.
    2. Add in your Service Name.
    3. Select ‘Generate verification code’.
    4. Log in to Etsy.
    5. Your verification code should now be generated.
    6. Select generate token.
    7. Select save.
    8. You are now connected to Etsy.

    Product Requirements

    To ensure your OnePatch products are able to upload to Etsy:

    • Products must have the correct Barcode
    • Product photos should be at least 2000 pixels wide
      All Etsy products must either be classed as Handmade or Vintage. Further guidelines can be found here.

    Each sales channel has their own set requirements, please make sure to check our documentation for each service before attempting to upload to them, you can find them here.

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