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    How to Connect Bluepark to OnePatch

    1. Add Bluepark integration to your OnePatch account.
      Add Bluepark to OnePatch
    2. Add an integrations name to help you identify it.
    3. Log in to your Bluepark store and navigate to the Users menu and select Admin Users.
      Bluepark Admin Users
    4. Click on the green Plus button or select an existing admin user to enter the Admin Editor.
      Bluepark Edit User
    5. Scroll down to the Admin Panel Access and Authorisation tab, check the box to Enable API Access.
      Enable API Access Bluepark
    6. Save your details and again scroll down to the Admin Panel Access and Authorization tab to view your API Username and Key.
    7. Store your API Username and API Key somewhere safe.
    8. On OnePatch, add your website URL. (Do not add your API URL)
    9. Enter your API Username from Step 7.
    10. Enter your API Key from Step 7.
    11. Click Save.

    Your Bluepark store is now connected to OnePatch.

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