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    How to Connect SquareSpace to OnePatch

    1. Add SquareSpace integration to your OnePatch account.
      Add Squarespace to OnePatch
    2. Give your SquareSpace integration a name to help you identify it.
    3. Log into your SquareSpace account.
    4. In the Home Menu, click Settings, and then click Advanced.
      Squarespace Settings
    5. Click “SquareSpace API Keys”
      SquareSpace API Keys
    6. Click “Create Key”.
    7. Give your Key a name and ensure both inventory and orders are selected to connect your orders and inventory from SquareSpace to OnePatch.
      Squarespace API Key Settings
    8. Click “Next”.
    9. Copy the API key shown and paste it into the “Secret API Key” field on OnePatch.
    10. Click “Save”.

    Your SquareSpace account is now connected to OnePatch.

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