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    OnePatch Features

    Does OnePatch upload in bulk?

    Yes, OnePatch uploads in bulk to all our integrations.

    How long does a bulk upload take to complete?

    This all depends on the number of products that you are bulk uploading, also sometimes we are limited due to an integrations API but usually OnePatch can upload 1000 products in around 30 minutes.

    Is there any customization available with OnePatch?

    Yes, we have a free on-boarding service which at the time we can customize OnePatch to suit your needs.

    How often does stock sync with OnePatch?

    OnePatch automatically syncs stock every hour.

    Do i have the option to change stock sync times?

    Yes, the ability to modify sync times is possible although the server will have to be considered when doing so.

    Does OnePatch offer a 2-way sync feature?

    Currently within OnePatch we have a 2-way sync feature available within Shopify and eBay, but we are working on bringing this feature to all integrations.

    Do I need to be tech savvy to use OnePatch?

    No don’t worry, we try to make OnePatch as easy as possible to use, even beginners can use our product. If there is however anytime when using OnePatch you need a little help, we offer full support and you can speak to a member of our team at any time during our working hours of 9:30-5:00(GMT)

    Are there product requirements for integrations?

    Yes, some of the integrations have specific requirements for products to meet before uploading. OnePatch does have a section on our website going into detail on these requirements(Click Here). OnePatch will also stop you from uploading a product if the information is incomplete.

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