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    OnePatch Integrations

    What if I want to sell on a platform that is not currently available to OnePatch?

    We are always looking to expand our connections to OnePatch, if there is any integrations you would like to be available within OnePatch, let us know and we will find out if it is possible to integrate.

    Do you have any marketing or finance integration?

    Partially yes, we are currently integrated with Google Analytics, Xero and QuickBooks. We are currently looking to integrate with more marketing software in the future.

    What integrations is OnePatch currently adding to its system?

    We are currently in the works of adding: Buuy, DPD, GAME, Wish, Royal Mail, Fnac, Rakuten, Fruugo and Google Shopping.

    Is there a limit on how many integrations I can have on my account?

    Depending on which package you are subscribed to OnePatch with there will be a limit on how many integrations you will be able to connect to your account(Click here to see the package details)

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