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Keeping Track Of Your Stock

OnePatch automatically updates your stock levels across all sales channels. Meaning you’ll never miss out on a customer.

Stocking For Success

In today’s Ecommerce market, there are an immense number of digital formats to sell products over. The more platforms you sell over, the bigger your consumer reach. This is obviously a great thing to aspire to, yet this also means that you will have to split your online stock over these platforms carefully, to ensure as many orders can be matched as possible.

This can bring a whole range of problems. For example, you may lose track of orders accepted compared to actual stock available, which could lose you sales and customer satisfaction.

How We Can Help

These problems worsen as Ecommerce retailers need to go from online marketplace to marketplace to try and solve them. With OnePatch’s Ecommerce software, stock levels are displayed and managed in the one place, allowing for more accurate judgement and distribution. This will ensure more orders can be fulfilled, increased customer satisfaction and that your business will gain a reputation for efficiency and reliability. Never oversell again with OnePatch’s multi-channel stock management feature.

Never oversell again

With OnePatch you no longer have to split stock or worry about overselling a product. OnePatch allows you to have the same stock number across all of your online marketplaces and updates it across all of them automatically whenever there is a sale.

Stock updates

OnePatch helps keep track of all of your stock. Keeping it up to date constantly across all online marketplaces so you won’t have to go through the tedious task of updating them individually. 


Easily edit your stock

OnePatch allows you to quickly edit and update stock levels in your inventory. Once your done it will automatically update across all of your online marketplaces.

Start your OnePatch journey today

Start your OnePatch journey today

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