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Does your smaller product company involve shipping physical products? Well, then its high time you pay more attention to your order shipments, as believe it or not, it is of crucial importance for your business to grow. And that is where comes OnePatch and their shipping process automation top help you better communicate with your customers through delivering their orders just the way they have expected them to be.

Automation undoubtedly has its advantages as still holding on to old-school shipping processes increases the risks of errors as well as additional expenses. However, the moment you choose technology over manually shipping your orders, especially that of OnePatch’s, the entire order shipping process becomes smoother, simpler and streamlined.

Even when you have to ship higher volumes or deal with various size of packages and boxes, opting for a reliable third party like OnePatch with the help of whom you can automate your shipping process, the entire shipping process gets error-free and less time-consuming. Yes, with shipping automation there remains only a minimal chance of any kind of data error or entering the wrong data in the order slips or labels.

Usually, once you automate your shipping process with OnePatch, your shopping cart get synced regularly; so that you can better manage the shipping process and determine how you wish to process a particular product or order. After you are done with setting up the automation, the orders automatically keep coming into the automated system.  

It will help you to easily print the shipping labels and packing slips according to the weights, size, shipping providers etc. of the orders. Yes, with OnePatch, not only the process of picking up the orders from your warehouse will get faster; but it will generate ready-to-use packing slips and picking lists for you. 

Opting for automation, whether it’s the shipping process or managing your inventory or the payment procedure, simply saves your valuable time, improve your productivity, reduces operational cost and takes care of several activities that are significant for smaller products companies. Hence, be wise, be smart and take your company one step ahead with shipping process automation.