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View, manage and dispatch your orders from one place

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Manage your orders

Keeping track of your orders are important. OnePatch lets you to view all of your live orders from one place allowing you to view edit and even cancel an order. Order management has never been easier.

View your orders

OnePatch allows you to quickly view all of your orders from one palce. Allowing you to look at any order details, dispatch your orders from OnePatch and also view the timeline of delievery.


Ensuring orders are fulfilled

OnePatch saves you the time and hassle of having to switch through all of your marketplaces to view your live inventory. Inventory management has never been easier with OnePatch.

Bulk upload all products

OnePatch lets you import your products from your online store. From there you can easily upload them to your chosen marketplaces. Saving you time for what really matters in your business.


Print all of your postage labels through OnePatch, saving you the time of going through all of your online marketplaces to print them out. Now do it all from the one place. 

Real time dashboard

OnePatch provides the dashboard feature allowing you to see how well your business is doing. View your top selling products from each of your sales channels, look at your top five SKUs, and keep track of your overall sales throughout all of your online marketplaces.

Reach out to over 200 Million customers, start using OnePatch today!

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