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June 26, 2020

Steps to Automate Your Shipping in Ecommerce Orders



Despite being the ultimate lifeblood of the ecommerce business, the fulfilment of shipping can be a lengthy process and as a result, can determine whether your ecommerce business will thrive or not. Hence, it’s not that that difficult to understand how important can be automating your shipment process if you’re into ecommerce. And that’s where comes the significance of opting for OnePatch. Read on to know about the steps of automating your shipping in ecommerce orders with OnePatch.

The primary steps of order fulfilment in any company consist of the following steps:

Receiving online order
Processing the order
Notifying the customer that his/her order has been received
Sending a request to the warehouse for order fulfilment
Picking up the order
Packing the order properly
Shipping the order
Sending shipping notifications to the customer
Receiving the order by the customer
Now when you choose to automate your shipping in ecommerce orders with OnePatch you get seamless integration with your suppliers, and 24 hours’ easy access to a flawless order management system that ensures smooth communication between your supplies and systems, end- to end order visibility. Automated shipping means streamlines shipping which helps you achieve cost-effectiveness, efficiency and precision.

Once you automate your shipping with a trusted multi-channel ecommerce integration service provider like that of OnePatch, the shipping in your ecommerce orders simply becomes any kind of human or manual error-free. Then there come the reduced labor cost, reduced shipping cost, increased efficiency, and better order accuracy which are also some of the amazing benefits of automating your shipping.

Remember, time being of great value, the less time you will spend on processing the customer orders the more time you will have to ensure better customer experience on your ecommerce site by optimizing and improving your business website. And OnePatch offers you the system that completely automates your shipments taking perfect care of order processing and management.

So without any further delay, opt for OnePatch today and get rid of slow and expensive shipping which often leads to cart abandonment and suffering sales. Let’s future-proof your ecommerce business with OnePatch!