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March 10, 2022

Why OnePatch’s ‘Purchase Order’ Feature is a Game Changer for your Business

Running a business can be hard. Especially when you operate a business with hundreds or even thousands of products within it. Trying to organise stock levels can be daunting even for the most experienced person. Being aware of your stock level’s supply and demand is important. By knowing your most popular products gives you a rough idea of what products you should order in.

But therein lies the problem – this takes time and effort. Keeping on top and tracking each product sold is confusing and is a tedious task no one wants to deal with. Writing each product SKU, name and any other detail that is included in a product, then constructing a document with products you request from your supplier is frustrating and can sometimes be prone to errors! Secondly, if you’re not on the ball with products becoming low or out of stock can lead to drawbacks.

In an ideal world, you would have a system that would do all this for you… so that’s where OnePatch’s Purchase Orders feature comes into play! With Purchase Orders, you have the ability to create purchase orders in OnePatch and download them as a PDF which can be easily printed or emailed to your supplier. After completing this process, you would change the order status to ‘Submitted’ this allows you and other OnePatch users to know that the order has been sent to the supplier.

OnePatch Purchase Order Feature is a Game Changer for your Business

Once your orders have arrived, you simply check your order list to see if everything that was included in the PDF document has arrived from your supplier. If all the products are checked off the list, you would select the dropdown menu and update the order status to ‘Authorised’ (this button ensures that everything is correct and updates your product stock on the system.)

Other dropdown options for the order status are options such as ‘Declined’ for any errors such as incorrect products, lost items and so on. Another status would be ‘Draft’ – this allows you to create an order that you can edit or send later in the future. Having the ability to add your supplier’s details is very convenient for you and your staff – that way you know what products are linked to and sold by each supplier.

The cherry on top would be the ‘Suggested Purchase Orders’. This feature allows you to set a certain limit on a singular product or global level. Meaning, if you have a popular product that you know is guaranteed to sell out, you can set a cap amount to avoid this from happening. For example, if you set the limit to when a product reaches 5 left – OnePatch will send you a notification to create a new purchase order to your supplier! It truly is that extra helping hand for when you have to focus your time on other priorities.

So, if you run a busy store and e-commerce business and need that gentle reminder to restock your products, OnePatch’s Purchase Order feature is a game changer for your business!