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May 9, 2019

10 Stats That Show You Should Sell Online


Selling online is one of the most effective ways to become successful in the modern world of business. It is growing at a rate so rapid that it is becoming more dominant on the marketplace by the day. There are a combination of factors that make Ecommerce too good to miss out on. Factors such as popularity, security and flexibility. However, it is the stats that confirm it as the best way to sell your products and services. They will give you the information and confidence needed to start your online selling journey ASAP.

  1. Most Internet Users Buy Online
  2. In The Future Nearly All Purchases Will Be Online
  3. Most Shoppers Think Better Prices Are Online
  4. Most Small Businesses Didn’t Have A Current Web Presence
  5. People Would Rather Return To A Website They’ve Purchased Before
  6. Multi- Channel Shoppers Spend More Than Single-Channel Ones
  7. Massive Amount Of Online Transactions Were Made On Mobile
  8. Most Are Unlikely To Return TO A Brand After A Bad Mobile Experience
  9. Amazon Has Millions Of Visitors A Month
  10. Ebay Apps Have Been Downloaded Millions Of Times

1. 80% Of People Who Use The Internet Buy Online

This is the most important statistic on the list. It perfectly emphasises why you should sell online- the sheer scale of the market you can potentially sell to. As of March 2019, well over 4 billion people actively use the internet for whatever purposes they see fit. This means that (80% of 4 billion) around 3.2 billion shop online.

2. By 2040 It Is Thought 95% Of Purchases Will Be Online

The expected potential of selling online is seemingly endless. It is gradually taking over the entire retail market. In 20 years time it will have an almost total grip on the way we buy and sell. Therefore, if you work in retail, ensure you become a part of the online market so you can ride the Ecommerce wave of success as it gets bigger and better.

3. 71% Of Shopper Believe They Will Get Better Prices Online

A big reason for the popularity of online shopping. The almost unlimited options of the internet compared to a shopping centre/ high street allow for bargains, sales and discounts to be discovered . Try and take advantage of this by offering online buyers the kind of special discount that would be hard to come by in a physical store.

4. 46% Of Small Businesses Didn’t Have A Web Presence In 2018

This stat should inspire small businesses everywhere to take their products/services online. As so many of your competitors will likely not have a website, it will give you an edge over them. It will also create a loyal customer base as they can access your app instantly from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing them to use it at their own pace.

5. 30% Of People Would Rather Return To A Website They’ve Purchased Before

This should give some sense of security to online shoppers. If they sell online the right way, then the odds that they will keep making sales are looking favourable. If you provide a customer with a satisfactory product/service, it is likely that they will return at later date to repurchase. This allows you to build trust and loyalty with customers, giving you an established base to market your new business activities to.

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6. Multi Channel Shoppers Spend 3 Times More Than  Single-Channel Shoppers

If you are going to sell online, you need to do it to the best of your ability to make it as worthwhile as possible. This includes selling in as many places as possible through the internet (Amazon, eBay etc.). This will increase your product/service’s visibility and will therefore increase the likeliness of sales.

7. Over 40% Of Online Transactions Were Made On Mobile

This emphasises the major role mobile phones have to play in online selling. They make online shopping tremendously accessible and easy. This has resulted in mobile users making up a huge part of the online market. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that your online store is as mobile responsive, otherwise…

8. 52% Are Less Likely To Re-Engage With A Brand After A Bad Mobile Experience

If your online store does not comply with a mobile format then you are at risk of losing business. It will decrease customer satisfaction and therefore conversions and sales. So always make sure to maximise mobile experience when creating your online store. It will retain mobile traffic and encourage them to convert, because of how easy your site is navigate on their mobile device.

9. Amazon Has 184 Million Visitors A Month

With this many visitors, it is entirely justified to call Amazon  the epitome of Ecommerce. It is the biggest and most successful online store on the internet. Therefore, it is a great place to start when you first begin selling online. It’s combination of user friendliness and huge popularity all but guarantees sales for those who sell on the platform.

10. Ebay Apps Have Been Downloaded 326 Million Times

Ecommerce apps are extremely popular amongst online shoppers. It can act as a direct marketing channel/mobile store when downloaded by a user. The app can be constantly checked to check for any new product releases or restocks. Therefore, an app would be a worthy investment by any online retailer. It will make you stand out from competitors and create a consistent flow of traffic to your store.


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