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Etsy Integration

Multi-Channel Etsy Integration

OnePatch connects seamlessly with Etsy to provide a smooth and efficient selling experience across each of your other sales channels.

Etsy Integration

Etsy Inventory Management

Currently selling on Etsy?

OnePatch Makes Selling on Etsy easy by connecting your Etsy store with your other sales channels.

Etsy Integration

OnePatch Saves You Time For What Really Matters

Upload Products to eBay

Upload Products to Etsy

Bulk or individually upload your inventory from OnePatch to Etsy. Import from another sales channel and upload to Etsy with OnePatch.

Import Products from Amazon

Import Products from Etsy

Easily import your Etsy products to OnePatch with the click of a button. Use the import feature in OnePatch to easily copy your products to other sales channels.

View Orders in OnePatch

View Etsy Orders
in OnePatch

All orders from Etsy are collected by OnePatch and placed in a user-friendly table together with orders from your other sales platforms.

Dispatch Orders from OnePatch

Dispatch Etsy Orders From OnePatch

Dispatch your Etsy orders from OnePatch and connect to any of our multiple courier integrations.

Sync Stock with OnePatch

Sync Etsy Stock

Whenever a sale is made on Etsy OnePatch will sync your stock across all your other sales channels to prevent overselling.

OnePatch Order Invoices

Etsy Order Invoices

Connect your accounting packages to instantly create Etsy order invoices or manually create invoices in OnePatch.

OnePatch Solves Your Multi-Channel Ecommerce Problems

Our Solution

OnePatch’s multi-channel Ecommerce dashboard allows you to know how well your Etsy store is performing along with any other sales channel you may be selling on. Letting you see your earnings from each channel and what channel is performing the best.

OnePatch solves this problem with its stock control system. OnePatch automatically updates your stock across all your sales channels so you never need to worry about overselling.


OnePatch’s bulk import and bulk upload feature makes it is easy to import your products from another sales channel or CSV and upload them to Etsy. Save yourself time and reduce manual input by uploading your products in bulk to Etsy with OnePatch.