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September 25, 2019

5 Apps That Every Small Business Should Be Taking Advantage Of


When you’re running a small business you’re often going to find yourself with a very busy schedule. Whether you do most of your business work from home, an office or on the go you’re going to want to take advantage of some key apps that in order to help boost your productivity and save you time.

1. Microsoft Outlook

Emails are usually the main choice of communication for businesses of all sizes and you don’t want to miss out on an important emails because you’re away from your computer. With Microsoft Outlook you’ll not only be able to access your emails from your phone but you will also have access to Outlook’s integrated calendar, allowing you to keep on top of all your upcoming appointments.

2. Skype 

Sometimes emails won’t be the most appropriate way to converse with people. Skype isn’t just for video calling, it also functions as an instant messenger. This means you can communicate quickly with your important contacts via text, audio or video calls all from your mobile phone. The Skype mobile app means that it is no longer a helpful desktop application but now a vital tool for those who on the go.Business Colleagues

3. Quickbooks

Keeping track of your companies expenses and financial strength is absolutely vital when running a business of any size. This means that accountancy software are becoming very popular. Quickbooks allows users to manage things such as bill payments, payroll functions and tracking your daily expenses. The Quickbooks mobile app allows you to view all of these things from anywhere giving you the ability to quickly access your business accountancy details whenever you need to.

4. Hubspot 

Hubspot is an inbound marketing software which offers users a wide ranger of tools to help with converting leads into customers, managing customer feedback and improving conversion rate. The Hubspot CRM system has everything a user could potentially want all in the one place & with the Hubspot IOS app the user can take these tools on the go to help keep on top of your leads, customers and sites conversion rates. Hubspot isn’t the only CRM with a mobile app, your CRM may have one too.

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5. OnePatch 

If your business involves Ecommerce then you’re going to want a way to keep on top of your inventory, sales & orders. With OnePatch you will be able to manage your entire online inventory and get notified when you make a sale via any of your online selling platforms. OnePatch also provides a live stock sync meaning that once you make a sale your products stock levels across each of your sales platforms will be updated to prevent you from overselling. The OnePatch mobile app gives users access to their Ecommerce dashboard so they can view how their business is doing from anywhere at anytime.