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September 26, 2019

Dynamics 365 Commerce & How It Could Affect Ecommerce

What Is Microsoft’s New Ecommerce Tool?

Microsoft have recently launched their Dynamics 365 which comes a wide range of tools, including tools to help with Sales, Marketing and Finance. Microsoft have also announced that they will be including tools to help with Commerce, these tools will be helpful to both offline & online sellers.
With the rapid growth of Ecommerce it’s no surprise that Microsoft have launched their own tool that could be used by those in Ecommerce. Dynamic 365 Commerce launches alongside Dynamics 365 Connected Store as a new application for Dynamics 365.

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How Will Microsoft’s New Tool Improve Ecommerce?

The new tool from Microsoft will boast a number of features designed to help both Ecommerce retailers and their customers. Some of the mentioned features includes allowing brands to set up personalised product web pages with customer ratings and reviews in order to improve customer insight. Microsoft have also announced that Dynamics 365 also offers a Supply Chain Management tool. This tool will allow users to capture insight on their products before they have left their manufacturer. It will also provide real time visibility of inventory by insulting the power of AI.

These are just a few examples of the wide ranger of tools Microsoft offer with Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 will also integrate with other Microsoft software & allows sellers to communicate with previous customers as well as viewing charts on sale figures. The tools available with Dynamics 365 have been designed with helping online sellers improve their online presence .

Why Have Microsoft Created These Tools?

The way people shop is changing online & in store shopping are no longer two separate entities. They’re now more connected than ever and the latest tools from Microsoft are there to help fill in the remaining gaps and provide stemless integration between both sides of shopping.

Microsoft have also been expanding their presence in the commerce with their significant progress with their Azure service with companies such as American retail giants Walmart keen to take advantage of what Azure offers to avoid working with their competitor Amazon. Marks & Spencer, a UK based retail chain who have over 900 stores have also been taking advantage of Azure for years. Many other companies are expected to turn towards Microsoft’s Azure for their cloud based needs, especially if it means they won’t be strengthening Amazon, who many retail based companies consider fierce competition.

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What Could This Mean For The Future Of Ecommerce

Amazon and Microsoft aren’t the only tech giants to offer Ecommerce related tools. Google offer their own Ecommerce tracking tool designed to help users keep track of products performance, purchase activity and transaction information all in the form of an easy to read report. Instagram are another company taking steps to incorporate Ecommerce with their platform. In the US they have launched their own checkout system with big brands. Allowing users to purchase products directly from the brands Instagram post. The feature is expected to expand to more brands in the future and then possibly to other countries.

As Ecommerce continues to evolve it’s likely we can expect other companies to follow suit and attempt to introduce their own tools, features and apps to make their own stamp on a growing market.