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August 03, 2021

Ease Your ECommerce Selling with Newly Launched OnePatch Features


Handling multiple E-Commerce platforms is one of the hardest jobs to manage in an online business. Starting from order and inventory management to multiple accounts handling, selling products on versatile online platforms requires core knowledge and efficacy. In that scenario, connecting with OnePatch helps you handle multiple selling platforms under one roof.

Due to the ever changing and fast paced E-Commerce industry, OnePatch continues to update its workarounds to ease the process for our sellers. Here are the new feature-rich releases from OnePatch that make the overall products and orders handling a hundred times easier for the existing users.


eBay IBE Category Wise Item Specifics


The new feature of OnePatch introduces an outstanding opportunity for eBay sellers. Every business has to enlist their product line on eBay in order to make their product details visible to potential customers and receive orders.

Thankfully, our valued clients can now edit the product details, descriptions, price, and etc. directly from OnePatch. Therefore, in case of a slight change in any specific product, the customers can now get it updated directly from OnePatch.


Bulk Order Cancelling With Status Changing


Here comes another feature introduced by OnePatch that makes product handling a lot easier than before. Whenever a customer asks to cancel an order, you can cancel it directly from OnePatch. However, when multiple customers ask for the same, cancelling bulk orders can be troublesome.

This new feature enables you to cancel bulk orders as well as change status in a bulk. All you have to do is, visit the portal, search for the order numbers, select them, and hit the cancel button to cancel orders in bulk altogether.


Copy Item Specifics From One eBay to Another eBay IBE


One single business can be operated with multiple accounts on eBay. In that case, keeping the same products in all the accounts leads to giving the same input everytime during product listing for each account.

Thankfully, the new update from OnePatch lets you copy product specifications from one eBay to another eBay IBE. Therefore, the double effort of putting the same inputs for the same product comes to zero with the new feature introduced by OnePatch.


ECommerce Selling with Newly Launched OnePatch Features


Refund/Return Available for OnePatch on The Top of Order Details


Refunding or returning orders were troublesome before, as the options weren’t available before with OnePatch. Now you can easily place a return or refund request for the concerned orders directly from the OnePatch. You only have to find the order and hit the return or refund button.


The New ‘Duplicate Products’ Button on The Top of The Product List


A single product can have different SKUs and all of them need to be uploaded in a similar way with the same descriptions, and details. However, the SKU and price have to change in the case of variable products.

This specific new feature of OnePatch enables you to duplicate a single product in order to ease the process of uploading variable products. All you have to do is, select a specific product and hit the ‘Duplicate Products’ button. You can change the price and SKU afterwards.


The New ‘Delete All Inventory’ Button on The Top of The Product List


You can always delete the inventory of a specific product. However, this new feature from OnePatch allows you to delete all the inventories with a single tap. All you have to do is, go to ‘All products’ or the product listing page and click the ‘Delete All Inventory’ button to remove all the inventories from the portal.


WooCommerce & EKM Users Can Rearrange Images After Uploading


Every product listing requires at least 1 image, if you have more than 1 image, a new feature of OnePatch also includes that the WooCommerce and EKM users can now decide in which order the product images should appear and rearrange those images accordingly. Therefore, you can arrange the images in a logical order through OnePatch and make the products look more credible to your online visitors.