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August 28, 2019

How Much Does Ebay Charge?

If you’re new to selling on eBay or just haven’t done it in a while you might find all the fees and listing options overwhelming. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

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Different Types Of Ebay Fees

The first thing you’ll want to familiarise yourself with is the different types of fees that come with selling on Ebay.

1. Listing Fee. Private sellers have a monthly allocation of 1000 free listings. After this it is 35p for each new listing. Ebay Charges it’s users for listing products on their marketplace. However the allocated amount of free listings each month is on the generous side so part time sellers shouldn’t need to worry about that too much.

2. Final Value Fee. 10% Final Value Fee on all sales. Once one of your products has been sold on eBay the value of the sale, postage included is calculated at 10% is kept by eBay. The final fee is capped at £250 for each sale.

Optional Features Fees

Ebay has a wide range of optional features that sellers can take advantage off to boost their chance of making a sale. Each of them comes with their own fee.

  1. Reserve Price Fee: 4% of the Reserve price if the item sells. This is an optional feature that allows you to set a minimum price for your item. Meaning that if bidding ends bellow your reserve price then the item isn’t sold and you can relist it. The minimum you are able to set the reserve price to is £50.
  2. Buy It Now Fee: 50p. Sellers are able to add a buy it now price to their listings allowing buyers to skip the auction process and pay instantly for the product. This feature is perfect for those looking for a quick sale.
  3. Subtitle Fee: £2. Sellers can add an additional line of text under their products title in order to help make the product stand out and provide potential buyers with more information
  4. Gallery Plus Fee: £2.50 (Free in categories such as Home, DIY, Pet Supply). Users will see larger images in search results when going over the thumbnail for your listings. Sellers can take advantage of this in order to have a better chance of catching a buyers eye. Users will see larger images in search results when going over the thumbnail for your listings. Sellers can take advantage of this in order to have a better chance of catching a buyers eye.
  5. Extra Category Fee: 35p. Sellers can list their product in an extra category for 35p. While sellers are only able to list their products in a maximum of 2 categories its still an excellent way to ensure their products appear in more searches.
  6. Scheduling Fee: Free for first 1000 listings then 6p per listing after. Use the scheduling feature in order to create listings for your products and have them go live at a later time of your choosing.
  7. International Viability Fee: 30p For Fixed Priced Listings, Price Varies For Auctioned Listings. If a sellers products are deemed eligible by eBay but do not currently appear on international versions of their site such as then for a fee the seller can have their products appear in searches on those versions of the site.
  8. Special Duration Fee: 100 Free Listings For Private Sellers Then 35p Per Listing. Using the special duration feature users are able to list their products for 1 and 3 day listings.

Classified Ad Fees

Ebay also allows sellers to post classified listings. Each category comes with a fee.

1.Business, Office & Industrial: £9.99 Ebay allows sellers to list business & office spaces for a fee.

2.Property: £35. Ebay allows sellers to list properties such as houses & apartments for sale.

3.Holidays & Travel. £15. Ebay allows sellers to list Holidays & Travel for sale.

Basic Ebay Shop Fees

1.£19.99. Ebay allows sellers to register their account as a basic eBay shop. This comes with perks such as an extra 100 free listings which will have free special duration.


Although this might seem like eBay comes with a lot of fees the majority of them are optional and are only there if you wish to take advantage of them. Each of the optional features has the potential to boost your chances of making a sale on eBay & could be worth considering depending on what you’re selling.