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November 24, 2020

How To Effectively Manage Your Shopify Orders


Summary: When you sell online it is important to keep on top of your orders. Falling behind can negatively affect you and your business. Shopify has a range of things that can help you effectively manage your orders.

Order management is the most important aspect of any sellers business. You need to make sure that you get orders out efficiently as possible to maintain a good reputation and keep loyal customers. When it comes to Shopify, there are many ways in which you can effectively keep on top of your orders with ease. They make sure that your order management is at the top of its game!

Firstly, you need to understand Shopify’s order management system. They make it as simple as possible for you to make the process quick and easy. When you get a new order you receive an email from Shopify notifying you that a new order has come in and the customer receives a confirmation email of their order too. It is all simplified into three simple steps. Shopify breaks it down into what happens and what you need to do at each stage. Firstly, when the order has been placed you should capture the payment. Second is when the order has been paid you should then fulfil the order. Lastly, once the order is fulfiled and paid for you should then archive the order.

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If you have just started your business and it is finally taking off and you are struggling to keep on top of your orders. Shopify have many different apps available to help manage and make your online web store amazing! From Shopify inventory integration software to great order management solutions, there are thousands of apps that they offer to make things easy.

They have apps like an Order Tagger, that allows you to automatically tag an order based on things like delivery dates and zip codes, allowing for an efficient order process. Another great app that Shopify have on their app store is Order Merger, which allows you to easily merge orders placed by the same customer to save on shipping costs and sending multiple items to the same person at the same time. This allows for a great customer experience overall.

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To summaries, to make your Shopify order management quick and easy you can simply utilise their apps to find the right ones to help you and your business. Letting you efficiently keep on top of your business and increasing customer satisfaction. But make sure that you are not clunking up your Shopify dashboard with apps you will not use. Only get what you will 100% need for your business.