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Integration Based Edit – The New Beneficial Tool for your E-Commerce

We of all people know how challenging it can be to keep up with your marketplace requirements when uploading products. They’re strict, and if you break their rules there’s a risk of having your account suspended. That’s why OnePatch is two steps ahead and has specially designed ‘Integrations Based Edit’ into our software to help our users.

So, you’re probably wondering what exactly is ‘Integration Based Edit’? IBE is your handy multi-channel listing tool to make selling online that little bit easier for you. OnePatch is dynamic and programmed to understand the requirements for listing products on every marketplace we integrate with. From Etsy’s image size requirements to eBay and Amazon’s mandatory category input.

We understand that you may be hesitant to list this information on every marketplace, so our software is designed for you to select which integration you would like for this product data to be updated to! So, let’s delve a little deeper to what OnePatch has installed for each marketplace requirement.

eBay Inventory Management :

A big one would be eBay. They expect particular requirements from you when listing products on their marketplace. Their rules are important, and if you can’t comply with them, you’re unable to list and upload products.

The main requirements would be categories and item specifics. Say hypothetically you were selling a pair of trainers on eBay. Saying that they are ‘white trainers’ is not enough, eBay would require you to fit the trainers into certain categories such as Clothes, Shoes & Accessories>Women>Women’s Shoes>Trainers. For item specifics, you would need to say the shoe size, colour, brand, material & price. The image size for upload is a minimum height and width should be 500*500 (The more information & keywords you include the more chance you have of being found on eBay by potential buyers!)

OnePatch have also designed a tool for you to add to your eBay template to your eBay store. You can customise this via OnePatch and select it purely for eBay. This is a great addition that helps our users personalise their eBay stores. You can select same as eBay category and shop section from ‘Integration-Based edit.’

Multi-channel listing tool

Etsy Inventory Management :

Etsy are pernickety about their image sizing – they want the products being sold on their marketplace to be clear, concise and well; shoppable! So here are a few requirements when listing products to their marketplace. Listing images of at least 2000px on shortest side and resolution of 72PPI.

From OnePatch, for listing on Etsy you can upload it – the only limitation is for variable products. Etsy support only two custom attributes. You can select same as eBay category and shop section from integration-based edit.

Again, all these sizing requirements will be included in OnePatch’s integration-based edit. You can include all these sizes and adapt specifically for Etsy; it really is that easy!

Amazon Inventory Management:

For Amazon product listings, the main requirements are slightly different; it’s mandatory for you to include a barcode or GTIN number. You can obtain a barcode from the same products that are listed there, or if your product is completely unique, you must contact Amazon directly to secure your own GTIN number as new GTIN products need to be uploaded via Amazon in the first instance before imported to OnePatch.

Whatever the product listing requirement is, OnePatch will have the option for you to complete this via our system. Say goodbye to logging in and out of several of your selling platforms and complete it once with OnePatch’s inventory management software!