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March 22, 2019

Top 5 Best Product Types To Dropship 2019


Ecommerce is an unusual type of market. The methods used to profit off of it keep reinventing themselves. We’re now at the point that you no longer need to create or even own the products you ‘sell’. This sounds too good to be true but it is very much a reality in the form of ‘dropshipping‘. By signing up with dropshipping sites, you can sell their products yourself and keep a slice of the profits. By never having to deal with the actual production and storage of a product, the amount of time and money saved makes this an attractive option for any online seller. So what products should you concentrate on if you are interesting in involving yourself in dropshipping? Which are proven to sell the best? Continue reading and you can find out:

  1. Sports/Fitness Clothing
  2. iPhone Accessories
  3. Men’s Grooming
  4. Vaping Products
  5. Pet Accessories

Before we get into the specific products, there are a couple of ideal product features that need to be discussed. These are the features that determine the selling success of a dropshipping product. They will decide if you will become a dropshipper or a flopshipper.

For example, when it comes to pricing, you need to encourage people to buy as much of a product as possible. This is because it will add up to a decent profit for you as you make money off a percentage on each product sold. Therefore, the more products sold=more money in your pocket. In order to encourage multiple purchases, the price of each individual item should always be universally affordable. Only products of the very highest quality should be highly priced.

According to ecomdashthe weight of the product should also be taken into account. Although you are not responsible for the delivery process, the customer will be unaware of this. Any mistakes or delays in the delivery process will result in damage to your direct credibility, not the dropshipper. Therefore, to minimise the risk of an unsatisfactory delivery process, try and keep your products as small/light as possible. This will make the full process smoother as lighter products (therefore parcels) are easier for delivery agencies to handle and shift from location to location. However, if the product is too light and fragile, the same type of problem can occur. The product could potentially be broken in the delivery process. If this problem keeps recurring then it will result in damage to your credibility.

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Sports/Fitness Clothing

There are multiple reasons that make this such an effective product. For example, this type of clothing is constantly designed to be as light as possible. It is also designed to be very durable. This is therefore the perfect product in terms of minimal shipping damage. We are also living in a society were health and fitness ared becoming increasingly important. Nearly 10 million Brits are gym members and countless others regularly play a wide variety of sports in their spare time. As a result, there will always be a demand for affordable fitness gear.

Fit young people focused on planking together in a circle in a gym

iPhone Accessories

There are millions of iphone users across the UK. As a result items such as headphones and phone cases will be in constant demand. The range of iphone accessories available is another reason to dropship them. It will give you no end of options when it comes to listing products. As this type of product is technology based, there are regular advancements. This will keep customers interested in your products. The weightlessness of these products will cut shipping risks, another attractive feature.

Mobile phone with connected plug of charger, smartphone charging on table

Men’s Grooming

Every man needs one of these, which almost guarantees sales. However, this market is only really in full swing around Christmas time. This is a combination of affordability and the need by men for such products. Yet, there is still a healthy demand yearlong. The range of different innovative and unique products makes the market constantly relevant and engaging. From electric shavers to stylish colognes, there’s something for everyone. You can also sell ‘grooming’ kits for a decent profit, that can include all the various grooming products a man could desire.

Black man shaving his beard

Vaping Products

Vaping has become an extremely popular alternative to smoking. Everywhere you walk in a city there will be someone using one. Although there are probably negative health effects from vaping, it is largely unproven. Therefore vaping products are currently in demand as they are seen as the perfect way to quit smoking. Although the vapes themselves can be fairly heavy and fragile, it’s the liquid that makes up the majority of sales. These are cheap and very lightweight, the features of a perfect dropshipping product.

Portrait of girl in colored neon smoke with vape or electronic cigarette

Pet Accessories

Many pet owners show their animals a kind of care and dedication that even family and friends don’t receive. They are constantly looking for products that they think will make their pets happier. This results in a market that you can take advantage of. There are so many different pet accessories in the market that there will be something for almost all types of pet owners. From animal beds to animal costumes, as long as its cute and practical there will be a pet owner somewhere willing to buy it.

Little girl try on clothes for puppy in pet shop

All of the products examined may be very different in appearance and function. Yet all of them follow the protocol that is required for a product to be effectively dropshipped. They will also all have affordable versions for sale. Overall, dropshipping is a great, easy technique for selling online, selling the products stated will make it even easier.