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April 23, 2019

Top 5 Products To Be Selling Online This Summer


Summer is nearly here! It is predicted to be a very very hot one. Therefore, there are going to be customers hungry for products that will help them take advantage of the good weather. Summer has always been good for business. The catering, leisure and travel industries peak around this time annually. Individual retailers can also make summer their most profitable period as well by selling products similar to the ones suggested below: 

  1. Retro Clothing
  2. Protein Supplements
  3. Camping Equipment
  4. Travel Accessories
  5. BBQ Equipment

Airplane is taking off at the sunset - back lit


Retro Clothing

Suns out, brightly coloured and patterned shirts out. Warm weather usually results in a popular demand for 80’s/90’s clothing, especially for events like music festivals. It may be because of the vivid design or the loose fittings. One things for sure however, wherever there is something happening outdoors in the heat, there will be brightly coloured, slightly baggy nike jackets or oversized floral shirts on display. 



Group of Friends Drinking Beers Enjoying Music Festival together

 Interest peaks during the summer months



retro clothing interest


Protein Supplements


Summer means summer bods. In the months leading up to the start of the annual heatwave, the gym is usually hit hard to get as toned as possible for occasions when the top comes off. Therefore, protein supplements will become in demand for this period of bulking. Protein supplements can be quite difficult to sell, due to the various licensing and regulations on what you can sell. However, it could very well prove a worthy investment as people try and get as fit as possible.  


close up of man holding weight in gym



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Camping Equipment


Camping is another example of an activity that becomes inherently popular during summertime. This, like any form of holiday, requires the right equipment, which you could provide. Although this may not cover the large and expensive such as the tent itself, you could cover all the niche cheaper itinerary. Items such as sporks and firestarters are bought in large amounts, so it doesn’t matter too much how cheap you need to sell them for. Camping is one of the most common summer activities done by almost every demographic, therefore all but guaranteeing summer sales. 


Friends camping in the forest together

Interest peaks during the summer months


camping interest

Travel Accessories


 Summer holiday makers are a great target audience for any retailers. They buy a lot before they jet off to their destination, everything from sunglasses to adapters. Travel accessories are one of the most popular type of product sold to this demographic. Items like Trunki’s‘ are an example of innovative travel products that have become very popular. They are small suitcases with wheels, that allow children to sit and ride them. Various other types of baggage and travel accessories such as portable chargers have also had proven successes.


Travel preparation on an old suitcase - white wooden background - copy space


BBQ Equipment


There is no better way to take advantage of a sunny day than a barbecue. Getting your friends or family round for some food, beers and fun in the sun. This requires some tools and attire such as aprons, tongs and beer coolers, all of which can be sold online. You could even sell full BBQ kits with all of the needed equipment included to maximise profit interest peaks during the summer months.


Close up view on meat on bbq hot grid grilling.


bbq interest