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May 16, 2019

4 Best Shopping Cart Software Systems For Your Business


Shopping cart systems are transaction platforms which allow users to accept payments from multiple different methods.  For many types of businesses, selling online is often the main or sole way to carry out their work. As a result, shopping cart software has become all the rage. It is mostly used to manage the order and payment processes and maximise customer service.

An effective shopping cart software creates an ideal situation for both the customer and the business. The speed, ease of use, affordability and security are all key components that determine the quality of shopping cart software. This blog will take all of these factors into consideration whilst explaining why each of the four picked are among the most effective pieces of software available.


Shopify was designed to be an easy as possible platform for users with little experience and technical skills. The platform offers users with multiple custom template options that can be used to suit your companies specific branding. This will allow you to really make your shopping cart really part of your business and its identity. This flexibility is continued with the over 100 payment options shopify allows to be integrated with its system.

Shopify Logo

One of the main thing about the software that has been so well received is its affordability. Although there is a shopify plus option that can cost a fair amount, their cheapest software still contains all the needed features. These  software packages are some of the cheapest in the market. This could be considered great value for money. This makes Shopify a great choice for businesses with a smaller budget. Furthermore, if you want to try out the software first, shopify offers a great free trial plan.


PrestaShop is totally free. This already demonstrates why it is popular amongst online sellers. However, the software is not hosted , meaning users need to download the entire software. This will take up a lot of time and memory. Despite this, PrestaShop still provides a user-friendly and genuinely smart system which is especially effective for those with little business or management experience.

Presta Shop Logo

The platform has many features designed to help almost anyone understand the system to the best of their ability. There are also multiple tools not included in the original download that can be added later on, most of which free of charge.

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WooCommerce allows both digital and physical goods to be sold online with the utmost ease. This ease is also embodied by other WooCommerce features such as a flat rate for all users and free shipping options. Selling affiliate products on online marketplaces is also supported by WooCommerce’s software.

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WooCommerce also offers a multiple freemium extensions to improve both user customer experience. This includes features such as detailed subscription and membership plans and  bookings systems. WooCommerce’s payment options are also a point of interest. It offers the option for global shipping and supports bank transfers, cash on delivery, and PayPal.


Magento offers a free open-source shopping cart solution for its users. This allows for detailed customisation and detailed brand identity. Magento can also be hosted on your own secure server rather than relying on a third party one. This will make your software usage more secure and allow you to fix mistakes quickly yourself.

Magento Logo

Unfortunately, Magento doesn’t offer dedicated tech support, which would make it hard for someone without the needed technical skills to set their system up properly.  However, there is a community portal where users share advice and guidance. Though the very cheap prices may make it seem like a great option, if you don’t have the right experience or knowledge, setting up your system may prove more trouble than worthwhile.

Overall, all of these great shopping cart systems have a lot in common. They all have little or no cost, can be personalised in detail and are safe and secure. The only real factor that places some of the softwares mentioned above the others is the ease in which they can be set up. Apart from this, all of the systems analysed would be a perfect fit for any online business who wish to take themselves to the next level.