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April 5, 2019

What is OnBuy and is it worth selling on?


It has been advertised as the UK’s number one alternative to Amazon. This is one of the boldest claims that can be made in the Ecommerce world. It also perfectly summarises the sheer ambition showed by the OnBuy team. New online marketplaces are appearing all over the world, yet few can claim to have this drive and super determined goal in mind.

onbuy logo
source (OnBuy website)

So, can OnBuy really compare to such an online retail powerhouse? Although it is probably unlikely, there is a lot of evidence to suggest they may be on the right track. When you first go onto the website, it has the visually impressive yet simply laid out design of an Amazon competitor. The minimalistic design allows your attention to be drawn to the various products and offers on display, some of which are definitely tempting.

The range of products seemingly on offer are also similar to that offered on Amazon. Considering it was only launched in 2016, OnBuy have grown and developed as a business at a remarkable rate. More than 8 million listed products also shows their capability of staying close to Amazon’s selling power.

How OnePatch's Ecommerce Software Will Change Your Business Forever
How OnePatch’s Ecommerce Software Will Change Your Business Forever

Their partnership with PayPal also displays how they are living up to the expectations they set themselves. This will earn OnBuy trust and credibility in the eyes of customers as PayPal is renowned for being a secure payment service. OnBuy’s team have cited this partnership as a big boost to their business.

paypal logo
paypal logo

Although the monthly subscription fee is more than most selling platforms, the smaller cut per item sold taken by OnBuy makes up for it. A further measure that OnBuy has taken to ensure no seller is put off by any pricing is their ‘sales guarantee’. This prevents OnBuy sellers from needing to pay the monthly fee if their sales from the month were under £500. This demonstrates how well designed OnBuy is for both customer and seller.

Overall, OnBuy is definitely an selling option any Ecommerce merchant should consider, especially if they’re UK based. The flexible cost of selling on it, attractive site design for maximized customer experience and a super determined OnBuy team are all factors that contribute this. If you sign up soon you may experience OnBuy’s drive to the top as far as it lets them go.