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February 16, 2022

Why a Cloud-Based POS from OnePatch is Exactly what your Business Needs


If you manage your retail and e-commerce orders under the same stock inventory, you’ll know that it can be difficult to keep on top of sales. If your inventory for online is joined to your retail stock – you’d rather have it all under one system to avoid overselling. Having accurate and organised stock is vital for every business. The best way to operate this is by investing in OnePatch POS system. So, you may be wondering what exactly is a POS?

POS stands for ‘Point of System’ and if you run a retail business it’s a great investment and addition to any shop. With OnePatch, you can connect to our POS till and enjoy the many features it has to offer for you and your staff members.

With OnePatch POS, your business will run more effectively helping to manage your retail stores more easily. Moreover, with OnePatch POS, you can integrate with the top e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Woo-Commerce and so on. From there, you can connect your e-commerce to your retail shop and control the stock levels from the one till system.

Having a fast and efficient cloud-based POS will benefit your business massively. By going digital with your till system, you can sync your data from OnePatch to your POS – meaning you can access your shop, anywhere, at any time. Conveniently controlling your inventory from either in-store or on the move (as OnePatch POS is mobile responsive) gives you complete control over your business.

Why a Cloud-Based POS from OnePatch is Exactly what your Business Needs  

OnePatch provides a user-friendly interface that is easy to learn and navigate – which, in turn, shortens your staff training time when teaching how to use our POS. Meet the needs of your customers with a POS from OnePatch – it’ll be a smooth and seamless experience for both you and your customers.

If you need to stay on track of your reports, OnePatch offers live and accurate sale reports that you can check currently or at the end of day. If you are out of store, thanks to our cloud-based system – you can check up on how your shop is performing.

OnePatch POS accepts full card payment options, ranging from credit/debit card payments, cash or bank transfer – you have complete control over what payments you accept and receive. Our POS offers a ‘Customer’ feature which allows returning customers to create an account with you, this section is where you can view your current customer details. This will appear for in-store and online customers from any of your e-commerce platform integrations.

Editing the details of your customers and adding notes are just a few of the added features that OnePatch has to offer. It also includes the previous orders this particular customer/recipient has purchased from your store in the past. Our ‘Customer Credit’ file for in-store consumers/recipients – this is essentially a store credit for them to spend in-store. Here, you can choose the credit limit, credit balance and how much credit the recipient is due.

Whatever special features you may need for your store to run productively, whether it be for in-store or online retail, OnePatch POS has you covered.