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February 7, 2019

Why Is Amazon So Successful?


In terms of Ecommerce, only eBay comes close to the online selling superpower that is Amazon. Yet even they can’t really lay claim to be that close in terms of sheer influence on the market. Amazon started off as essentially just an online book store yet nowadays, Amazon is an undefeatable business entity, with nearly 200 million monthly visitors and the 5th most visited website in the UK. It is such a successful online marketplace that its creator, Jeff Bezos, is the richest man in the world, worth a staggering $155billion.  How did all was all of this success accumulate? The answer has many different factors, but let’s concentrate on the main two that have hand the biggest hand in Amazon’s success.

Everything is created around what the customer needs.

By concentrating on what the customer desires in their service, Amazon has managed to build up a supremely loyal and varied consumer base. For example, although Amazon’s main services are free, yet 90 million people have paid to join ‘Amazon Prime‘. This shows that the majority of users enjoy using Amazon so greatly they are willing to pay for access to more features as they trust they will be useful as well. There are multiple reasons for why many customers feel so attached to Amazon.

The first being the immense variety of products available to customers. From makeup to microwave ovens, Amazon is likely to have something that any site visitors would be inclined to buy. This has given Amazon a large and varied customer base who use the services they provide regularly. Amazon’s customer service is also detailed and well thought out. For example, a lot of products are shipped free of charge to the customer, with Amazon spending $21billion picking up the cost of this free service. This shows how Amazon are willing to do that bit extra in order to ensure their customers are satisfied with their Amazon experience.

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It’s constantly reinventing itself.

Amazon has never settled for being a normal company. They are constantly expanding into new fields, constantly trying to become an expert at as much as possible. For example, recently Amazon have announced that it is bringing in its own take on commercial robotics. They are launching ‘Amazon Scout‘, a new service that uses robots to deliver items to customers. These machines are essentially large motorised tubs on wheels that will follow a specific delivery route. This type of futuristic vision allows Amazon to keep on top of the market and never be made to look old fashioned by competitor’s standards. Amazon has also made itself more than just a online selling platform by creating its own unique products and services. It has its own video streaming service, its own cloud storing service and even a store without a single employee inside it. All of this revintion has allowed Amazon to constantly remain relevant and expand it’s outreach.

Sellers on Amazon can harness this success and expand it .

Amazon’s established success can provide a foundation for many other businesses to build up their own online retail presence. Ecommerce merchants can take advantage of the huge consumer base and great customer service. OnePatch can further this potential for success. By making it easy to integrate our system with multiple different selling channels, we give users with the ability to expand their work on Amazon to other online marketplaces such as Etsy and Shopify. Although Amazon is one of them the best places to sell on in terms of instant results, if you want to build up your business in the long term, start using OnePatch’s system today to expand into as many other channels as you desire.