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August 15, 2019

Why Your Products Aren’t Selling

Why You Might Be Struggling With Online Selling

If you’ve created your own eCommerce store or are attempting to launch some type of online brand and find yourself failing to make any sales it can become quite disheartening. There are a number of reasons you might be having a hard time convincing people to buy your products and in this blog we’ll try and cover as many of them as we can.

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Low Customer Trust

If you’re the new kid on the block trying to sell on a popular marketplace (like eBay or Amazon.) then odds are the customers are more likely to purchase the same product from a seller with higher reviews because they’re less likely to be a scammer.  The same can be said if you’ve started your own online store. If people are unfamiliar with your store and there aren’t many reviews for you available to them online then people won’t be willing to risk purchasing from you.

One way to build up customer trust is to try and provide an excellent service to improve your reputation. This could mean offering your products at a cut price for a short period of time, offering free shipping or discount codes to first time shoppers. Regardless of which method you use here it’s also important that you ask your consumers nicely to leave you a review (A simple note thanking them for purchasing and asking for a review can go a long way.) If you really want to make the most out of customer reviews be sure to create a Trustpilot page. With Trustpilot not only will you be able to build up a better reputation with each review but you’ll be able to take advantage of features such as emailing previous customers asking them to leave a review if they were satisfied with their purchase.

Your Products Don’t Look Appealing Enough

When you’re selling a product online it’s more important than ever to make sure that your products look as good as they possibly can. In regular retail environments consumers can see the products they are interested in up close. In some cases they can even try these products out before purchasing them. These experiences can help convince the customer that want the product. When shopping online a customer only has to go by a few photographs and a short description of a product.

So you’re going to need to make sure your products look great to help sway potential buyers. Get your clothing products modelled professionally if possible, get your material products photographed with flattering lighting and make sure the background of the image doesn’t draw too much attention away from the product you’re trying to sell. If you’d like some tips on how to take an appealing product photo then check out this very informative blog post.Customers Browsing In Independent Clothing And Gift Store

You’re Unfamiliar With Your Target Audience

If you’re trying to sell a product to people you’re completely out of touch with then you’re going to run into difficulties convincing them that your product is worth their time. Think about it, if you’re an avid coffee drinker, are you going to buy your coffee beans from someone who has literally never drank coffee? Probably Not! But you’d consider buying from someone who seems to know a lot about coffee, right? Exactly.

Its absolutely vital that you become familiar with your products & learn your who your target audience is. This completely comes down to your product. Think about the type of person who would typically buy your product and try to identify with them and what their interests would be – comma splice. You’re also going to want to take into consideration their age and income level, these should have an influence on how you price your products. If you’d like to learn more about discovering your target audience then have a read at this article from Forbes.

You Need To Give It More Time

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was any major Ecommerce brand. Unless you have successfully implemented a promotional campaign (we’ll touch on this soon don’t worry!) before launching your products the odds are that your products will just need a bit of time before they build any kind of traction. If you’re products haven’t sold on the first day don’t go rushing into making drastic changes in order to get instant results. Instead try giving it a couple of days, If after a week or so has passed you’ve still had no luck then you can start looking into a change of strategy.Alarm clock on laptop

You Didn’t Use A Promotional Campaign

Usually, people won’t start promoting their products until they have them ready to sell. Often this will be because the seller hasn’t planned a launch day for their products and just decided to sell them when they’re ready. Ideally, you should have a designated day to start selling your products. A big grand opening for your online store. Setting aside a launch day and pushing promotional add campaigns then you could really see some hype behind your products leading to great day one sales.

Don’t worry if your products are already live though, its not too late to do this. You could take your products offline for a short period of time while you promote your big re-launch or even just promote a big sales day! There are plenty of ways you can promote your products like this. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

You’re Not Listing Your Product Onto The Right Platform

A common issue with Ecommerce is users not listing their products onto the best platform for their market. A good example of this would be if you’re selling beauty products from an existing brand with a reasonably high reputation. You’d have a higher chance of getting customers for your products being listed on Amazon than you would on Etsy.

It isn’t always so easy to predict where your product would sell best, often the best solution is trial and error. Listing your products onto multiple marketplaces and stores will help increase the chances of potential customers coming across them. Using this method could however mean you run the risk of overselling or being unable to meet a customers demand if your stock levels are divided between several platforms. A solution to this is to use OnePatch. With OnePatch you will be able to list your products across several sales channels at once and when you make a sale your stock levels will be automatically updated to your other platforms. Helping make sure you never oversell again. Take advantage of the OnePatch 14 day free trial today.