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August 08, 2020

WooCommerce eBay Integration – Best Way to Optimize Your e-commerce Store!

Summary: Using WooCommerce eBay integration software brings both your e-commerce stores and its operations to a single platform facilitating inventory exchange and automatic update along with Quickbooks assimilation and third-party fulfillment.

Ebay is a large online marketplace operating across more than 100 countries and has over 170 million buyers. From refurbished products and resale items to brand new and luxurious pieces, you’ll find almost everything that this online marketplace lists and sells. The platform facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales with the facility of up to 50 free listing of items every month.

If you have a WooCommerce store, integrating it with the huge eBay marketplace is one of the best ways to generate quick and sustained revenues. It will let you fulfill orders from eBay as though they came from the WooCommerce store.

Why you need it

A seamless WooCommerce eBay integration using advanced software will help you manage both stores from the same platform. It will enable a cloud-based shop management letting you synchronize products from WooCommerce to eBay and vice versa. This integration will automatically take care of all marketplace orders and inventory connecting the two stores with unlimited product listings and items under a variety of categories.

Such deft solutions come from inventory management companies that develop them to help businesses monitor sales and logistics for retail or wholesale businesses. The integration takes place in a way that buyers on eBay marketplace get to your products on WooCommerce either in full or in parts, the way you wish to display them. It only takes a few clicks to manage and monitor your stock and inventory, re-synchronize it and update it with new products.

Shop owner calculating price

How it works

As an admin, you can import all information related to products and their categories along with the orders from eBay to the WooCommerce store. Similarly, you can import products under different categories from WooCommerce store to eBay listing them there. Each product can be displayed with their specifications, terms and conditions of refund and shipping details on eBay giving buyers a great shopping experience. Changing product labels can be done from the integrating software that will reflect changes on both stores eBay and WooCommerce.

Using the WooCommerce eBay integration solution lets you monitor and manage your complete inventory across both platforms with real-time information update on a single dashboard. Whether an order is places at your WooCommerce store or at eBay store, they are automatically processed and updated giving you all details from the single dashboard. It also works as inventory management software that keeps track of all your sales by creating sales orders and invoices.

The centralized platform facilitates integration with the popular accounting and payment software Quickbooks, managing transactions easier. Also, you get to integrate with third-party fulfillment and shipment agents for smooth dispatch and delivery to customers. Order fulfillment by third-party takes away your shipping worries like pick-up, packing, shipping and final delivery. From monitoring total sales to shipment tracking, you have the entire e-commerce operation available at your fingertips.

Most integrating software come with a free trial period and customization options that will give you the first-hand look and feel of how easy it is to manage your e-commerce business using them.

Author’s Bio: Richard Dunne is an insider of the e-commerce software development industry with complete mastery over it. He regularly writes about latest products and their benefits to help businesses of all sizes.