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December 17, 2018

How OnePatch’s Ecommerce Software Will Change Your Business Forever


Retailers have been experiencing have been the same for decades. Perfecting your product, marketing to your audience correctly and managing all the different aspects of your business as well as possible. Now, as the online market begins to take over, these problems are fewer but are far from extinct. The advancement in technology has definitely made some aspects easier.

It is so much easier to become visible to customers by using online stores. It is much easier to record and store stock and inventory information and access it for reference later. Yet, without one software to manage all your business’s Ecommerce activities, mind numbing reputation seems like the only solution. This is where OnePatch comes in. We provide this type of Ecommerce software. Software that can change your business forever.

Save Time For What Really Matters

By using OnePatch, a business will gain a variety of different aspects that will prevent them from spending as much time on their Ecommerce activities as their competitors. The main reason for this is all the time that competitors waste having to go back and forth between their various selling platforms continuously repeating all the daily tasks that would seem like a standard procedure. All of this repetition can slow a business down, preventing them from growing at the rate they deserve.

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The singular system enjoyed by OnePatch users will prevent them from having the same time wasting issues as your competition. As all of your inventory, orders and products across all selling platforms can be managed from the one place, the need for constant repetition is almost eliminated. This will give you a better chance of making your business more well-rounded and versatile, maybe even expanding into a new field of functioning. If you have better efficiency and reliability and a renowned reputation, you will stand out from competitors. This will give you favorability from customers when it comes to deciding who to buy from.

You will also be able improve your business philanthropy towards just causes . For example, try using as much renewable energy or sustainable raw materials as possible to do your bit for the environment. You could become fair trade to ensure third world workers get a fair wage. All of these philanthropist acts will attract customers who believe they are also doing their bit for the greater good by using your products.  The reputation/ image you can create out of this charitable work can become the driving force of your businesses marketing activities.

Your Reputation Can Become The Cornerstone Of Your Business

Such a reputation is everything for Ecommerce merchants. It can be the factor that attracts a customer, if they believe they are guaranteed the best quality product or service and customer care available. The reputation of a OnePatch user will be one of constant efficiency and reliability. Once this positive reputation is gained, the only way is up. It will spread from word of mouth physically or online, providing you with a great source of free marketing.

However, bear in mind a bad reputation can result in the complete opposite: your business poor quality becoming well known. Therefore it is vital that you do everything necessary to come your positive reputation in tact. By continuing to use OnePatch’s system, you are ensuring that this reputation is maintained. Your standards will never drop as long as you  are using the software. Therefore, your reputation will always stay as that of an organisation that can be depended on.

Make Your Business Grow Endlessly

All areas of your business’s daily functioning will benefit from the efficiency provided by using OnePatch. Your costs are cut as you will be making the most of resources. Customers are satisfied as they will get exactly what was promoted to them. All this success and satisfaction will allow your business to get to success needed to keep growing, developing and achieve your goals. OnePatch helps a business run so smoothly that almost anyone would able to make Ecommerce a worthwhile investment.

The smoother an operation that a business runs, the more trust will occur not just between customers, but between employees. Everyone will trust each other to perform their role as well as possible, allowing better chemistry and productive teamwork. This will make your business grow quicker as everyone will be motivated to play their part to the best of their ability.  The most skilled employees will also desire to be a part of your company, giving you access to an indispensable pool of talent.

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Monitor Your Online Sales In One Place

Sales are what Ecommerce is all about. It determines how successful your online selling is. Therefore when it comes to managing your sales, you need to be as effective and efficient as possible. It is fairly simple to effectively manage your sales on most of the mainstream online selling platforms. However, if these tasks are done three or four times instead of once, consistency is put at risk. These tasks may only take a couple of minutes to do each time, but it all adds up. Therefore, you are wasting valuable time that could be spent on working on perfecting all aspects of your business.

Through signing up with OnePatch you can get access to our sales management software. This will integrate with almost any major online selling platform. It will allow you to download all of your sales information which will allow you to create a centre for your sales operations. From this you will be able to analyse important aspect of your sales activities such as which channel you are succeeding the most on and which you need to work harder on.

Furthermore, with the OnePatch app, it is even easier to manage your sales. By downloading it, you can have full access to our software from anywhere with an internet connection, in your bed or in the gym. Overall, with OnePatch, you will be able to have complete control of your sales so they are always on course to create success.

Never Oversell Again

Another sales related benefit OnePatch brings is the prevention of overselling. Overselling is one of the most common problems shared amongst Ecommerce merchants. This is where you sell more products than you have in stock, meaning that some customers orders go unfulfilled. The result of this will be continuous unsatisfied customers until the problem is fixed. If the problem is not fixed fairly quickly and it happens too often, an unfortunate reputation will be gained. This would discourage future consumers from buying off you.

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This problem becomes more likely to occur with the more channels a business sells on, as it will make it harder to keep tabs on your sales. With OnePatch’s order management system, you will always be able to keep a track of whether your stock levels matches your orders.  All of your orders form all of your sales platforms will be centralised for you to constantly monitor and spot mistakes before they become problems. Therefore this may be the software that single handedly prevents you from accidentally leaving customers with unfulfilled promises.

Overall, when a business starts their OnePatch journey, there is no looking back. Your business will have a better chance to turn into whatever you set out to create. With all the expected benefits explained in this blog, your business will leave competitors in your wake. Your entire online business can be fully micromanaged from your almost anywhere. Your time will be spent as efficiently as possible, allowing you to concentrate on more pressing issues. You will be able to build up a reputation that will gather you the attention you need to always meet your sales target. So enquire today to make selling online simplified.