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September 25, 2020

Why Sell Your Books On Abebooks



There are many platforms in which you can sell your products on out there. When it comes to books, why not go right to the hub of books, Abebooks. By selling on Abebooks you are connecting to many different potential buyers who are there to buy your products.

When it comes to choosing a marketplace to sell on, it can be a difficult task to actually decide which one to sell on. When it comes to selling your books, the best place to go by far is Abebooks. It is one of the largest marketplaces to sell books on. It is a niche marketplace for rare books, art and other related items, if you sell these sort of products, why not sell where everyone is looking!

book girl at library - Abebooks

It is a great marketplace to sell on and it is well trusted. It is owned by Amazon, one of the largest marketplaces in the world. Below are some of the main reasons as to why you should sell on Abebooks.

One of the first main reason why you should sell on Abebooks is that it holds one of the largest databases of listings out. They have over 100 million listings from over 135,00 different sellers on their platform. This makes it a great place to sell because this is obviously where people are going to buy their books, people wouldn’t list their products on a dead marketplace. Abebooks is not simply limited to books, you can essentially list any kind of book, ephemera, illustrations and many more different things that fit those sort of categories.

Abebooks integration allows its sellers the freedom to choose how they ship their products and create their own rates for shipping also. This gives the seller their own freedom in their store, not restricting them with any mandatory rates and couriers. You are also not confined to ship your products as soon as you get it, you are given the freedom to choose how long it takes to dispatch and get the product to the customer. Of course, the sooner the customer has the product the better, but it is up to you to choose your shipping rates in the end.

bluepark inventory with OnePatch

Another great reason to sell on Abebooks is its loyal customers. This is obviously a great part of selling on Abebooks because there is nothing better than a customer coming back to buy more. It is always best to build up good customer relationships to make sure they come back and there is nowhere more reliable than Abebooks.

Another reason to sell on Abebooks is to simply expand your business. Say you sell on Bluepark and want to start selling your books on Abebooks, a great way to do this is to find a reliable multi-channel Ecommerce software to help you easily move your Bluepark inventory through your Ecommerce software straight to your Abebooks integration. Making it an easy way to grow and expand your business. With a multi-channel Ecommerce software at your fingertips, you can easily manage all your sales channels and quickly expand onto new ones with just a few clicks.

Overall Abebooks is a great place to sell your books and other related products. With its reliable customers and shipping freedom, it can be a great place to start your business or expand your business to.