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September 07, 2021

How Does Shopify Order Integration Ease Your Online Business Processes?


Summary: Managing orders on Shopify can be simplified with Shopify order integration through order management software. It enables you to control your overall order fulfilment process from order placement, inventory management to order shipping.

In case you’re looking forward to the next big opportunity to elevate your online Shopify store, it’s an ideal time to think about utilising an Order Management System for dedicated Shopify order integration. An order management software will assist you with processing your orders and financial reports across various sales channels as your business tasks become more perplexing.

An effective order management software shares several key highlights that support the overall sales process. This incorporates expanding time effectiveness and lessening blunders to help businesses thrive in the online market effortlessly.

Shopify Inventory Integration

Take complete authority of your Shopify inventory for all your online sales channels and warehouses. With effective order management software, you can track which are the items you have in stock and which of your warehouse consumes which items in its inventory.

  • With Shopify order integration, you can make real-time inventory tracking, so overselling and backorders can be prevented easily.
  • It lets you forecast demand and control buying, so you have the right amount of stock at the perfect time.
  • You can track and update inventory from multiple selling networks, so whenever any of your items gets added to the cart, the software automatically reduces one from the item stock amount.

Shopify inventory management and shipping

Shopify Order Integration

An order management software enables you to see each of your orders from Shopify and all other sales channels in one spot. All prepared to view, edit, print, and ship to your respective customers.

  • On an eCommerce order management dashboard, you can update order status on Shopify and all other sales channels at each progression of the order fulfilment journey.
  • With Shopify inventory integration, you can track the nearest warehouse of the order destination and its current stock availability.
  • In case, you’re already on Shopify, you can connect your Shopify account to the order management software and control all your selling platforms along with Shopify on a single dashboard.

Shipping & Invoicing

Alongside your inventory management and Shopify order integration, you can integrate your shipping and invoicing software with the order management software to enable consistent eCommerce management with ease.

  • The software lets you automate your invoices through the software and effectively mass print invoices, shipping labels and dispatch your orders as well.
  • The entire shipping and invoicing process through order management software allows you to set aside time and money within your business and make selling on the web simple!

Pick The Best Order Management System

OnePatch is an established multi-channel order management software that enables you to manage and control all your online selling channels with a single dashboard. With Shopify order management and Shopify inventory integration, OnePatch executes the entire order fulfilment process in an effortless way. Apart from order processing, Shopify order integration with OnePatch also helps you with –

  • Bulk product listing on Shopify
  • Import products from Shopify
  • View Shopify orders on OnePatch dashboard
  • Dispatch Shopify orders from OnePatch

So choose the best order management software for your business and allow your business to reach its heights.