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October 31, 2018

How To Build Trust With Online Shoppers


The deeper you go into the online marketplace, the many changes that Ecommerce has bought around become more obvious. More people buy online than ever before. Just over half of all sales are done online, 51%, compared to in store. This means your competition is becoming more and more digitally advanced  in order to drum up mass interest in their products and secure as many returning customers as possible. However, something that hasn’t changed  traditional marketing practices is the necessity to build trust with your customers.

Without trust, no one will want to give you their hard-earned cash. As a result,  your business will be pushed out of the market place by better performing competitors. Building trust can be a tedious and sometimes expensive task but when done correctly, will establish your business as a trustworthy brand. Customers will then be more likely to purchase from you.

Only Create Original, Quality Content

Nowadays it’s not enough to just put your product online and expect sales to start occurring instantly. Without a thorough marketing process your product will not get the recognition and publicity needed to spark successful sales. Creating quality content that engages the user is a sure-fire way to create a level of trust and engagement between your company and potential customers.

Posting product images on Instagram, tweeting about the benefits of your product on Twitter, even making YouTube videos. These are all fantastic ways to show potential customers that your products are of fantastic quality and worth their money.

By having regular blog uploads on your site about relevant issues to your business, your customers will be able to see your expertise and wealth and knowledge. This will build up trust in your business as you can effectively display your capability.

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Use Videos to Sell Yourself

As mentioned before, posting videos of your products is one of the best ways to create brand trust with the consumer. Statistics show that 64% of customers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a demonstrational video, which showcases the uses and quality of the product being sold. This will help to increase consumer trust as it will give the impression that your business really cares about what the consumer wants and needs because you’ve gone to the effort to make an informative video for them.

Including a human voice or figure will capture the consumer’s attention and build a sense of familiarity. This is because human brains are hardwired to recognize faces and when there is a human face at their disposal they are likely to trust what is being said.

Videos are great when placed on the product page of your website, within Amazon listings and across all social media platforms to build up hype around your product. The potential reach of social media in particular is immense. Videos posted on these sites generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined. Videos need to be of good quality, straight to the point and have a clear call-to-action at the end to create an effective sales pitch.

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Use Reviews to Give Proof of Your Quality

The best way to make customers trust you as a business is to simply prove it through reviews left by previous clients. In these reviews potential customers are convinced to purchase by a number of factors such as:

  • value for money
  • good customer service
  • an understanding returns policy.

Studies have revealed that 55 percent of consumers look up product reviews online before buying. Therefore if you have reviews displayed, they will have great potential as a trust building mechanism.


Have a Live Chat Feature

Nothing says commitment to your customers more than a live chat. Live chat will also humanise your business’s website. This is because it is making it seem more trustworthy as the human touch is present in an otherwise ‘AI’ led system.

We live in a time of constant impatience, especially among millennials. So when a customer doesn’t get an answer to their question immediately they will go elsewhere with their money. There are many great live chat services that can be easily installed into your site. This will give the customer access to immediate information which will increase customer satisfaction.

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Create a Heart Warming Brand Story

Everyone loves a good story. It evokes emotion from the reader and will have a lasting impact in their subconscious. The story of your brand is a valuable resource to include within your website in order to build trust. The user will relate to and actively acknowledge what you are describing, such as humble beginnings.

Other background information you should include:

  • your mission statement for the future
  • what you wanted to achieve when starting the brand
  • what you have done to benefit the community or other organisations

An example of a brand with an effective ‘story’ would be Under Armour. Under Armour calls itself ‘the originator of performance apparel’. It’s athletic gear is designed to keep athletes “cool, dry and light throughout the course of exercise.” This will convince consumers that the products they buy have been designed to be matched to their best interests.

When customers learn about  your business’s past present and future they will be more trusting. This is because they have got to actually know your business.


Constant Consistency

If something isn’t consistent it’s human nature to trust it less as change will often be unnerving. Staying consistent with the quality of your products, branding and content are all essential. They will ensure you are to have a long-lasting level of trust with your consumers.

As a result, they will feel guaranteed to get the level of expected quality when interacting with your services. Trust is difficult to build and easy to lose. So make sure to remain consistent and your customers will remain loyal.


As you can see there are many ways in order to build trust with potential customers. Give them what they want, remain consistent and you’ll have a dedicated, returning customer-base. They will go on to spread the word of your products to their friends and family. It’s worthwhile to look at how large corporations handle their marketing campaigns. This will let you see the trust building successes and disasters, the do’s and don’ts. Now get out there and get selling! 5, 2020


Ecommerce is considered to be the fast growing industry in India. With India having over 500 Million internet users (The second largest internet base, behind China) it is no surprise that over a 10 year span the Ecommerce industry has grown in value by over $20 Billion since 2009. As of 2018 the Indian Ecommerce industry was worth a reported $38.5 Billion & reported Ecommerce revenue of $11 Billion for 2019.

The Biggest Platforms

India is home to some of the biggest Ecommerce platforms. These are just some that we think you should be aware of.

  • Snapdeal

    Founded in 2010 & based in New Delhi, Snapdeal is one of India’s largest sell online marketplaces. With over over 60 Million products, 300,000 Sellers & delivering to users in over 6000 Cities. Snapdeal was founded by Kunal Bahl & Rohit Bansal.

  • FlipKart

    Founded in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, FlipKart has over 30 Million products across 70+ Categories & often dubbed as India’s answer to Alibaba. As of 2018 FlipKart has been owned by American Supermarket chain Walmart.

  • Amazon India

    Amazon, Originally founded in 1994 by Jeff Benos. Amazon India Launched in 2013. Amazon is considered to arguably the global leading Ecommerce marketplace.

The Future

Despite how massive it already is, the digital scene in India is still growing. Some things predicted for the future of India’s Ecommerce industry include.

  • Foreign investment
    India is a massive market & investers have already began to take advantage of this. Amazon founder Jeff Bezo has already pledged to invest $100 Million into Indian retailers.
  • Advancements in the use of AI
    AI Controlled chat bots are already popular for most Ecommerce stores, however it’s predicted that they are going to get much more advance and even smarter.
  • Greater Innovation
    With more Ecommerce start ups popping up each day it’s not too far fetched to expect a company to come along & blow us out of the water with a fresh new idea to take Indian Ecommerce to the next level.


The Indian Ecommerce Industry has grown at a rapid pace & expect to keep growing, meaning this could be the perfect time to enter the Indian Ecommerce market.